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MEGA is the chain of the world's largest shopping and entertainment centers in Kazakhstan. The construction and development of MEGA Shopping and Entertainment Centers is carried out by Mega Center Management, the developer division of Astana Group.


The first Shopping and Entertainment Center of MEGA chain was opened in Almaty in 2006. The second stage of MEGA Alma-Ata was put into operation in 2013. A year later MEGA Park opened its doors. Now MEGA Alma-Ata and MEGA Park are the city-forming objects of the business, financial, scientific, educational and cultural capital of the country — Almaty. MEGA Silk Way Shopping and Entertainment Centers received its first guests in March, 2017. Due to its unique architecture and conceptual format, MEGA Silk Way has become a new center of attraction and a visiting card of the capital city of Kazakhstan — Astana. Each shopping center by its scale and architectural design has no analogues in the city planning of the country. Complexes are created in accordance with the modern world standards, meet the highest functional and aesthetic requirements of modern residents of megacities.

MEGA Silk Way, построен в 2016 году

MEGA Silk Way, built in 2016

Today Shopping and Entertainment Centers attract the large flows of visitors with the conceptual social, cultural, sports projects. The MEGA chain provides convenience, comfort and strives to amaze. In shopping and entertainment centers all the conditions for a family leisure are created: coat room, mother and child rooms, first aid points, as well as dry cleaning, atelier, beauty parlors. Each center has its own fire brigade. The order in the center is provided by its own security service.