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Holding of Astana Group
«We do not offer goods, but the atmosphere».
Nurlan Smagulov
President of Astana Group
Berik Nietkaliyev
Vice-President of Astana Group
«Control over all processes and a high degree of responsibility of the participants is the guarantee of effective construction of our facilities».
Svetlana Shaginyan
Vice-President of Astana Group
«Today and always companies are striving to MEGA, knowing that they can confidently develop their business here».
Gennadiy Orekhov
Vice-President of Astana Group
«MEGA is a time machine. It is in our network that the iconic brands open their stores, which change the ideas of Kazakstanis about leisure and shopping».
Management company MEGA Center Management
Seitzhan Esmagambetov
Director General, Chairman of the Board of MEGA Center Management
«It is interesting to see how our SMs are being transformed upon the needs of the city, visitors and lessees».
Tatiana Tarapunova
Financial Director, member of the Board of MEGA Center Management
«MEGA SM network is the embodiment of high quality standards in every way - construction of our facilities, service and attitude to our visitors».
Tatiana Khodzhaeva
Director of Lease Department, Member of the MEGA Center Management Board
«Our team was one of the originators of high-quality retail in Kazakhstan. This is an immense responsibility and a great honor».
Ekaterina Sevushova
Director of Architecture and Design Department of MEGA Center Management
«We see that visitors come for emotions, opportunity to spend their free time productively, and we are constantly working to ensure that our visitors are comfortable».
Danara Temirtasheva
Director of Advertising and Marketing Department of MEGA Center Management
«Every visitor is a welcome guest for us. We do everything to make him/her happy and come back again».
Alexander Veprev
Director of IT Department of MEGA Center Management
«Working at MEGA SM network allows us to apply all the opportunities that the field of information technology gives us. This is a large innovative project».
Andrey Karpin
Director of Innovative Technologies Department of MEGA Center Management
«MEGA is the market leader. The task of the Innovative Technologies Department is to strengthen these positions by creating a product that has not yet existed in Kazakhstan».
Venera Gaifutdinova
Director of Communications and PR Department of MEGA Center Management
«MEGA is a very high level of comfort and service in Kazakhstan, and, most importantly, one big creative adventure for all employees».
Asel Ospanova
Director of Legal Department of MEGA Center Management
«Working in the network of MEGA shopping malls means constantly staying in the information flow and opening new opportunities for development».
Director of shopping malls
Kuat Akimbayev
Director of MEGA Alma-Ata SM
«MEGA Alma-Ata is the most popular SM in the megalopolis and the number one platform for most of the world-famous companies represented in Kazakhstan».
Mikhail Tolmachev
Director of MEGA Park SM
«At MEGA Park SM, visitors dive into the atmosphere of feast and coziness, which makes shopping unforgettable».
Kanat Tyurebayev
Director of MEGA Silk Way SM
«We are striving to create a holiday for people. For the first 10 months of work, 10 million people have already visited us!».