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25 August 2019

They will help to brighten up a tough school routine

15 August 2019

Where to find unusual places for cool photos?

14 August 2019
12 August 2019

Selection of cosmetics of Organic Beauty boutique for those who follow the beauty and health of the body skin. Let's sort out the compositions and certificates

23 July 2019

Mini fans, cooler bags, ice lemonades in the shape of emoticons, frozen yogurt and more

17 July 2019

MEGA and Sberbank Kazakhstan launched a loyalty program

10 July 2019

The famous Italian brand store opened in Mega Alma-Ata

10 July 2019

Here you can forget about all business and enjoy a massage

1 July 2019

This is the first store of the iconic British brand in Kazakhstan

24 June 2019

The season of open-air dances opened last weekend at the amphitheater of your favourite shopping center

20 June 2019

On June 16, MEGA Alma-Ata held a charity event «Let's help 2019!», the main purpose of which is to find a home for animals from shelters

17 June 2019

It houses 35 boutiques, some of them — new brands that have not yet been presented in MEGA Shopping center

6 June 2019

7 necessary items for the opening of the barbecue season in nature

2 June 2019
31 May 2019

10 items that you need to buy right now. Editor's choice

21 May 2019

We are inspired! And you?

24 April 2019

Already on April 27, visitors of the new cinema Chaplin MEGA Alma-Ata will be able to evaluate all the chips personally.