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3 December 2018

New Year mood with MEGA!

30 November 2018

You can buy them all at MEGA Alma-Ata shopping mall right now

22 November 2018

We know which decorations will match your New Year tree

20 November 2018

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions of visitors

15 November 2018

Tangerines, Christmas toys and sweaters with deers — we are approaching the New Year as fast as we can

13 November 2018

In tribute to the memory of the author of the coolest comics of all time

5 November 2018

Director of the design and technical Department of Mega Center Management Nadezhda Melnikova told about the history of the first new format Shopping Mall in Kazakhstan

5 November 2018

Perhaps one of our participants will soon become the host of the music channel

1 November 2018

10 remedies that will save your skin at winter time

30 October 2018
22 October 2018

Now it is the fourth eco-capsule of the brand

22 October 2018

Mixit — store of natural cosmetics in MEGA Alma-Ata Mall

19 October 2018

The picture «Daughter of Genghis Khan in the 21st Century» is released in Kazakhstan on November 8

17 October 2018

We look forward to seeing you!

16 October 2018

This year Almaty shopaholics will hunt for items from Moschino [tv] H&M capsule, created by Jeremy Scott

2 October 2018

Photo report about the most fun weekend of this fall

1 October 2018

City karaoke is your chance to sing with a star!

26 September 2018

Famous racer extreme took a ride on the Ferris wheel

19 September 2018

Stylish autumn wardrobe from Hey, baby!