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Made in Kazakhstan: the Kazyna Gold company

In the midst of the wedding season, the editorial staff of MEGAzine visited the workshop of the Kazakh brand Kazyna Gold to learn the history of creating not just jewelry, but modern works of art.

Сделано в Казахстане: компания Kazyna Gold

Author: Tahmina Kibirova

Photo: Darkhan Zhagiparov

The catalogue of Kazyna Gold has more than 7,000 products made of yellow, red, white 585er and 750er gold, as well as 925 silver, made with the use of 3D technologies. Kazyna Gold is known, loved and bought by residents of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, China, Germany, USA. The main advantage of the brand is the quality mark «Made in Kazakhstan».

Yekaterina Manashova — the keeper of the Kazyna Gold values. She represents the second generation of the family, founded in the mid-90s jewelry house in the city of Tselinograd, which soon changed its name and became the capital of Kazakhstan.

Сделано в Казахстане: компания Kazyna Gold

Photo: weproject. media

It all began with a small nameless workshop, where only one jewelry repairman worked at. Having expanded their staff and having adjusted their deliveries of raw materials from Russia, the workshop launched their own mini-production of gold and silver products. Orders and specialists were multiplied, revenues went to staff training and the development of small shops network.

For 20 years, the family of the founder of the company, masters and designers carefully kept the secrets of their jewelry, collected information about the ornamental art of Kazakhstan, discovered the secrets of meanings and signs, familiarized with new technologies, tested ultramodern European equipment, gained experience.

In 2014, after a complete upgrade, the company with the name Kazyna Gold confidently started their journey into the great future, making themselves known at the exhibition competition «The Best Goods of Kazakhstan». It was a breakthrough into the market for a newly founded domestic brand, which was recognised by foreign experts. «Sharks» of jewelry business from many countries of the world were both surprised and studied the works of Kazakh masters with admiration.

Yekaterina Manashova, Director of Kazyna Gold: «At the exhibition, professionals highly appreciated us, but we did not receive public recognition right of the bat. At that time, the buyer did not know what Kazakh gold was, did not know that a refining plant was launched in the capital and we have an assay chamber. And we took on a mission — to prove that „Made in Kazakhstan“ is a sign worthy of attention».

Today, the company sells its products in two stores in Nur Sultan, provides free delivery to all countries of the Customs Union. In addition to jewelry, you can buy or order souvenirs, such as a gold flash drive, a silver computer mouse or a personalized spoon for a newborn.

By purchasing jewelry in Kazyna Gold, the buyer receives a certificate of quality indicating the GOST standards by which the jewelry operates. The company guarantees compliance of sample, inserts and quality. In addition, the buyer is given the conclusion of the assay chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan (with the appropriate brand on the product) as a guarantee of compliance with the declared price.

The whole process from the refining of gold to the final production of any product is carried out within the company. Everything is of the highest standard — professionals, raw materials, products, service. Kazyna Gold products are a fusion of East and West, a fusion of European technologies, knowledge, approach and Kazakh national motifs and modern design.

Сделано в Казахстане: компания Kazyna Gold

Yekaterina: «The idea of a new collection is born in the process of discussion of the team of designers, marketers, sellers. We monitor fashion magazines, follow trends, study and analyze which direction high jewelry brands are taking. Today, the company has 15 master-jewelers and two designers. In our business, it is important to have such engineering concepts as the point of gravity, the stiffening piece, that is, the designer must be architecturally educated or have an experience in building architectural products. We invite artists in order to develop models, sketches of certain collections. I call it «fresh handwriting.»

Did you know that pure gold is as soft as plasticine? To achieve hardness in smelting you can add so-called ligature to it — an admixture of silver, copper, zinc, nickel. Kazyna Gold jewelers use ligature from Italy. The result is 585er gold, ready for the realization of the designer's idea. In parallel, there is a process of printing future products using 3D equipment, after which they are impaled on a wax «christmas tree» and baked in plaster. After the wax «burns out», gold granules are poured into the casting equipment. Because of a very high temperature, they are melted and poured under vacuum into the flask. And the tree becomes gold. Using special tool jeweler «bites» products from the «tree trunk» — rings, earrings, pendants, and then conducts laser soldering, processes metal, smoothes out, polishes it. After finishing, the master integrates precious stones into the product or covers it with enamel. The finished product is tested by the Department of technical control and assay chamber.

Сделано в Казахстане: компания Kazyna Gold

Yekaterina: «It is a very complex engineering history and fine jewelry work. For example, products in the „Fusion“ collection are particularly light as a spider's web, the thickness of the thread is 0.2 mm. To properly pour, process the product so that the mesh didn't sag, didn't crumple and was durable — this is our skill and knowledge and trade secret.»

Jewelry from the Kazyna Gold masters will make your image brighter, any happy event -unforgettable. Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks are suitable for both a festive event and a business meeting, as well as for work in the office. One of the famous collections of Kazyna Gold — «Koshkar muyiz» set. The designers of the jewelry were inspired to create this set by the Kazakh ornament — a symbol of power, development and infinity.

Such an acquisition is valuable not only as a decoration that pleases, but is also as an investment. Exclusive product custom-made in Kazyna Gold unique in its design can be patented by buying a sketch from a jewelry house, and passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

Kazyna Gold store is located in MEGA Silk Way SM, 2nd floor, from the entrance A