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26 August 2019
26 August 2019

Here children can not only have fun but also develop

11 August 2019

Important characteristics that give away a fashionable watch this season

11 August 2019

Bright shirts with ironic prints — an unmistakable trend of this summer

4 August 2019

Dr. Jart+ was created in 2004 and became the first brand that brought BB-creams to the market

21 July 2019

Four must-see movies in theaters

17 July 2019

MEGA and Sberbank Kazakhstan launched a loyalty program

11 July 2019

Today hobby-hypermarket «Leonardo» opened in the MEGA Park shopping center

9 July 2019

Everyone loves discounts!

9 July 2019

Despite the fact that the employees of the MEGA Park Parking seem at first glance ordinary guys, these talented and active guys not only give out tickets, but also have a real collective spirit

4 July 2019

Star enemies of friendly neighbour

30 June 2019

These books must be in your family library

24 June 2019

Every woman has a girl inside who loves cartoons, especially if they are about princesses, lions or elephants with big ears

19 June 2019

All sandals and other shoes in the ORCHESTRA store are made of natural leather

18 June 2019

From June 20 to June 29 — the best shopping, discounts, best deals and promotions!

17 June 2019

Charms with a magic lamp and the most famous moments of the fairy tale

7 June 2019

Fashion brand produces bright and fashionable clothes for boys and girls from 2 to 15 years

28 May 2019

The store, which sells the products of cosmetic brands from South Korea, works in MEGA Park

24 May 2019

Until June 30, there are special offers and discounts