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4 April 2019

And how often do you wear national clothes, daily or only on special occasions?

29 March 2019

From backpacks to latex and cowboy boots

26 March 2019

Ұлыстың ұлы күні - Наурыз мерекесі құтты болсын! (Happy Nauryz!)

14 March 2019

7 simple looks of several itemss for girls and boys

12 March 2019
12 March 2019

The final prize drawing MEGA BRILLIANT was held in MEGA Park

12 February 2019

It's easy to arrange a romantic date in MEGA Park!

23 January 2019

4 best table-top games for different companies and ages

16 January 2019

Useful information for everyone who comes to MEGA with children

11 January 2019

Kitchen implements: practical and beautiful

10 January 2019

Video impression of the concert of the British singer Adele

9 January 2019

Snow in the city! It's time to build snowmen!

14 December 2018

The site editors prepared a selection of 11 charming New Year's toys from Marwin store, which will decorate your home and create a festive mood

13 December 2018
13 December 2018

Selection of interesting films for the whole family

10 December 2018

We are waiting for you with the whole family for fun skating!

7 December 2018

Proper sportswear does not have to be expensive

4 December 2018
16 November 2018

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