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28 November 2019

There you can buy game jerseys, caps, hats, scarves and accessories with the symbols of the team

27 November 2019

It was a pensioner of Nur the Sultan of Vladimir An

26 November 2019

We visited the writer's meeting with readers and recorded some of his interesting quotes

19 November 2019

The store has a system of club cards for professionals and a loyalty program for retail customers

6 November 2019

A new sportswear, footwear and accessories store has opened in the shopping center

29 October 2019
22 October 2019

We make a shopping list of the most current models

21 October 2019

The founder of the language training center Di Beissen shared the history of creating a favorite pastime and speaking club

30 September 2019

The North Face products are designed for climbers, skiers, snowboarders, rock climbers and people with an active lifestyle

19 September 2019

Cozy and bright hoodies firmly settled in the wardrobes of the most stylish girls. They combine them with pleated skirts and even evening dresses.

25 August 2019

The study has never been so bright!

16 August 2019

Editorial team of the website mega. kz studied photos from Instagram of our visitors with MEGA Silk Way geotagging and chose the most popular and photogenic locations for your posts on social networks

4 August 2019

The Entertainer cooperates only with well-known brands that have passed strict quality control

29 July 2019

The club’s goal is to create space for practicing and improving spoken English for adults

24 July 2019
17 July 2019

MEGA and Sberbank Kazakhstan launched a loyalty program

11 July 2019

Visitors took part in the prize draw:

  • Shopping in the amount of 200 000 tenge with a professional stylist;
  • 2 certificates for shopping in the amount of 70 000 tenge in the MEGA Silk Way shopping center;
  • 2 gift certificates to the Technodom store in the amount of 40 000 tenge;
  • 2 gift certificates to the Beautymania store in the amount of 30 000 tenge.
10 July 2019

Thanks to everyone who was with us on this day!