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Elchin Safarli: «Most of all I’m afraid of losing myself»

Contemporary writer Elchin Safarli came to Nur Sultan to present his new book «The house in which the light burns».

The meeting with readers took place at the MARWIN family store in MEGA Silk Way. We visited this meeting and recorded some interesting quotes of the popular Azerbaijani writer.

Эльчин Сафарли: «Больше всего я боюсь потерять себя»

«While there is a desire, it is necessary to go and communicate with people. We look for treasure anywhere but near us. And when people are around you and they tell you stories, it's priceless».

«I had a lot of different situations in my life, and I coped with them only thanks to my mother. I'm her closest child and I believe in the power of prayers. I am glad that in my books you „read“ this subtle description of love for a woman. I promised myself that I would write about it as long as I lived».

Эльчин Сафарли: «Больше всего я боюсь потерять себя»

«If I moved to Kazakhstan, I would live in Nur Sultan. I felt some very strong energy here, it was on these places where something important was happening. This place seemed to me very strong energetically, and I feel such things very subtly».

«I can stay up all night to finish a chapter of a book. I try to cultivate discipline — I don't wait for inspiration or some muse. It is important for me that it was a daily work».

Эльчин Сафарли: «Больше всего я боюсь потерять себя»

«The most important thing in which self-love is expressed is awareness. And it's not just about the body and health, but also about who you meet. Whether the choice of this meeting is rationalized, whether what you say at this meeting is rationalized. You need to understand why you need this relationship and not consult with anyone. Sit in silence and listen to yourself. It's a constant and complicated process, but it's worth it».

«Most of all, I'm afraid of losing myself. This fear lives in me, and I began to protect myself strongly from everything that can affect me badly. Therefore, I have not used alcohol and junk food for a long time. Not because I want to live long, but because I want to be healthy and feel good. To have the strength to write, create, communicate with people. I'm afraid of losing my perception of environment, afraid that something will spoil my optics. I have a very subtle perception of environment».

Эльчин Сафарли: «Больше всего я боюсь потерять себя»

Elchin Safarli's book «The house in which the light burns» can be purchased at MARWIN stores.

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