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MEGA Silk Way was nominated for the BREEAM Awards 2020

BREEAM is the most popular system in Europe for assessing the quality and sustainability of buildings, infrastructure projects and spatial planning.

To date, more than 560 thousand buildings and projects in 83 countries have received BREEAM ecological building certificates, and more than 2 million 200 thousand have been declared for certification.

ТРЦ MEGA Silk Way номинирован на награду BREEAM Awards 2020

In June 2019, MEGA Silk Way shopping mall received the international certificate of ecological building certificates BREEAM In-Use: Part 2-Building Management with an «Excellent» rating of 75.4%. To date, this is the only building in Kazakhstan with a rating of this level. This means that the facility and its operational policy meet the highest international standards to ensure that visitors and tenants meet a wide range of needs.

First of all, it provides a comfortable, safe and accessible environment, an established system of interaction with users of the building, a precautionary operation policy aimed at improving the operational parameters of the building and reducing energy and water consumption. The building uses efficient heating and ventilation systems, modern lighting system, automatic control and resource consumption accounting system.

The certification took into account the availability of social and consumer services, as well as additional solutions, in addition to those required by law, to ensure access to the building by citizens with disabilities.

ТРЦ MEGA Silk Way номинирован на награду BREEAM Awards 2020

At the end of 2019, it was announced that MEGA Silk Way was nominated for the BREEAM Awards 2020. Only a few of the thousands of certified buildings around the world are selected each year by members of the commission to participate in the competition. The BREEAM Awards 2020 ceremony will be held in London on March 2, 2020.