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28 December 2018

They told about their vivid impressions and achievements

27 December 2018

New Year's photo session from a professional photograph @zarinzoman

27 December 2018

Photo shoot with Father Frost and Snow Maiden 2018

24 December 2018

Famous actor and director told about his new movie «Kudalar» (In-laws)

21 December 2018

The official representative of Bronx&Banco Dinara Takiyeva spoke about the business features

14 December 2018

The site editors prepared a selection of 11 charming New Year's toys from Marwin store, which will decorate your home and create a festive mood

13 December 2018

For those who understand the slogan «Support domestic producer» seriously

13 December 2018

Stylish collection of the Bronx and Banco brand at the O'blanc store

13 December 2018

New Year's collection of the English brand Next

13 December 2018

Let's choose a dress to celebrate the New Year

10 December 2018

NewTon kids' New Year collection

3 December 2018

New Year mood with MEGA!

30 November 2018

You can buy them all at MEGA Alma-Ata shopping mall right now

30 November 2018

Take part in the promotion and win a cruise trip to Europe for two or shopping at MEGA for the amount of KZT 100,000 or 70,000

26 November 2018

The final drawing for the MEGA Weekend promotion was held on November 24

26 November 2018

List of winners of Black Friday promotion

22 November 2018

We know which decorations will match your New Year tree

21 November 2018

On the collection of piano instruments miraculously preserved in the Almaty Hotel

12 November 2018

The official opening ceremony was held on November 10