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24 April 2019

Already on April 27, visitors of the new cinema Chaplin MEGA Alma-Ata will be able to evaluate all the chips personally.

23 April 2019

Recommendations from the family shop MARWIN

22 April 2019

This April was rich in long-awaited premieres

11 April 2019

On April 15 Kazakhstan celebrates its national Valentine's day — the day of Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu

10 April 2019

A selection of bags of jute, seashells, paper and other natural materials

4 April 2019

IONS collection is already available in the Oysho store in the MEGA Silk Way shopping mall

4 April 2019

And how often do you wear national clothes, daily or only on special occasions?

3 April 2019

Cats, bunnies and witches are just the thing.

2 April 2019

6 clothing items for a stylish spring

29 March 2019

From backpacks to latex and cowboy boots

28 March 2019

Operators of the information desk of the MEGA shopping mall network about a friendly team, dream work and a smile as the most important competence

27 March 2019

The MEGA Alma-Ata shopping mall hold the sixth charity photo shoot with huskies

26 March 2019

Tasty treats, festive performances, batyrs, costumed dances on stilts and, of course, a thematic photo zone — the visitors of the MEGA Alma-ata shopping mall had a busy «New Year» weekend

26 March 2019

Tasty treats, festive performances, batyrs, children's workshops, quests, sports games — the visitors of the MEGA Silk Way shopping mall had a busy «New Year» weekend

26 March 2019

Ұлыстың ұлы күні - Наурыз мерекесі құтты болсын! (Happy Nauryz!)

15 March 2019
15 March 2019

Every fourth resident of Italy at least once a year makes purchases in OVS

14 March 2019

There are five days of public holidays, which means there will be a rich dastarkhan, a lot of guests and gifts

14 March 2019

7 simple looks of several itemss for girls and boys