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21 November 2018

On the collection of piano instruments miraculously preserved in the Almaty Hotel

5 November 2018

Director of the design and technical Department of Mega Center Management Nadezhda Melnikova told about the history of the first new format Shopping Mall in Kazakhstan

30 October 2018

Bro Glasses shop of eye-glass and rim of eye-glass was opened in MEGA Silk Way Mall

15 October 2018

Strategic designer from Almaty on conscious consumption

1 October 2018

Their works adorn the MEGA shopping malls in Almaty and are part of the cultural space of the city

26 August 2018

The XIV international film festival «Eurasia» was held in Astana in the middle of summer. One of the competition platforms of the film festival was Chaplin Cinemas cinema at the MEGA Silk Way SM

12 February 2018

It's almost impossible to walk with Danaelia in the shopping center without attracting attention. After the victory in the Ukrainian vocal project «Voice. Dity-4 «on the TV channel «1 + 1 «Almaty girl woke up famous: tens of thousands of subscribers on social networks, millions of video views on youtube and very tight schedule — it is very difficult to get together for the Tuleshov family now. However, for the editorial team of MEGAzine they still made an exception and spent a day off at the MEGA Alma-Ata Shopping and Entertainment Center.

11 February 2018

On the calendar is still the winter, and in the chain of MEGA Shopping and Recreation Center the sale of the Spring collections is already in full swing. The editorial team of MEGAzine went around all the stores and chose 9 things that are worth buying in order to bring closer the most romantic season of the year.

15 January 2018

How are the habitants of aquariums and aviaries of the MEGA shopping malls chain

15 January 2018

Architects of MEGA about poppies, dolphins and more

15 January 2018

A walk in MEGA Silk Way for a family is a big event. To find time and gather as a whole family is not easy. We met with them on the ice rink and found out how a family of five children lives in Astana.

15 January 2018

It’s been a year since Sports Park opened in MEGA Park shopping mall. Between now and then hundred thousands of Almaty citizens have visited and fell in love with it. This space is an example of how a small public place can change the city for better.

15 January 2018

What happens to your old t-shirts after they get into special boxes at the cash desks in the stores of the brand?

15 January 2018

We choose wine with Enrico Nappini, sommelier and the owner of Pane&Vino wine and coffee bar store, which was recently opened in MEGA Silk Way shopping mall.

15 January 2018

Yuriy Negodyuk is one of the first restauranteurs in Kazakhstan. Though he prefers to be called a manager rather than a restauranteur. Among his most successful projects — «Pinta” pubs chain and Paul popular French bakery. Darya Bublik met Yuriy in one of the warm autumn days in Paul summer terrace in MEGA Alma-Ata to talk about smorrebrods, restauranteur-pilgrims and the national restaurant idea.

15 January 2018

MEGAzine tells about the inspiring art-objects of new MEGA Silk Way shopping mall.

12 January 2018

A year ago in November 2016 famous PR man Alisher Yelikbayev became a director of Angel-in-us coffee shops chain in Kazakhstan. Darya Bublik met with her old friend at his workplace in MEGA Alma-Ata shopping mall and asked what the highlights of this year are. However the conversation went beyond 12 months, because Yelikbayev’s current position is an extension of his career at MEGA shopping mall which started 11 years ago.

12 January 2018

MEGAzine had a chat with the window dressers of Zara Home, Giovanni Galli and NewTon Kids stores and got to know how the magic is created.