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22 December 2019

Tenants who are producers of Kazakhstani goods received support and special lease conditions in MEGA

18 December 2019

Exclusive interview with popular artist Anatoly Tsoy in MEGA Alma-Ata shopping mall

25 November 2019

We talked to the owners of Emilio Guido boutique in MEGA Alma-Ata Mall and learned the secrets of men's shopping

20 November 2019

Shortly before the premiere, we met with the film's producers and talked about why this «the most hype story» is worth watching

18 November 2019

The conversation was very open-minded and diverse. Well, this is Aisulu in a nutshell

11 November 2019

The editor of MEGAzine met up with Sholpan and talked about the risks, the unique product and how ASYQPAI fits into the concept of a conscious living

5 November 2019

The editors of MEGAzine visited the workshop of the Kazakh brand to learn the history of creating not just jewelry, but modern works of art

21 October 2019

Two years ago Veronica created the experimental «BATA» theatre (Russian: БАТА), which still existed as a conceptual cultural project outside of its own premises

15 September 2019

We met with Zhaydarbek and his big family, watched a movie together and talked about success, reputation and continuity of generations

2 September 2019

Vocalist and songwriter Aidos Sagat, guitarist Rustam Musin and drummer Sergei Litvinov are some perky storytellers, so a small talk «grew» into a lively conversation about life

21 July 2019

Mining engineer and Ph.D. founded the brand a year ago. Today it is a network of six footwear stores in several cities of Kazakhstan

24 June 2019

MEGAzine editor Antonina Kukaeva met with Yuriy Borisovich and recorded his memories of Shaken Aymanov, his old friend

2 June 2019

Today, the brand Nataly Décor operates four flower shops and a school of floristry, where master classes are held by world-class specialists

29 May 2019

MEGAzine editors visited Adili and looked at how it works

28 March 2019

Operators of the information desk of the MEGA shopping mall network about a friendly team, dream work and a smile as the most important competence

11 March 2019

Today this brand is chosen by well-known personalities- Dinara Satzhan, Alisher Elikbaev, Erlan Karin, Bagdat Mussin and other

25 February 2019

The release of the web series was an event for KazNet — it is not only the directorial debut of Yerden, but also the first experience of this kind for domestic filmmakers

3 February 2019

These people decided to take a risk and start their own business, they are businessmen of a new formation, who have their own view of business

3 February 2019

The editors of MEGAzine has spent the weekend at MEGA Arena and met people who create a winter fairy tale for us

22 January 2019

Kazakhstan hockey stars Alikhan Assetov, Valeriy Orekhov and Kevin Dallman told us about the steps that led them to success