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30 September 2019

All this can be purchased in the MARWIN family store, and not more than 5 000 tenge

30 September 2019

Stylish outerwear selection by the mega. kz editors from Zara store in MEGA Park shopping mall

30 September 2019

The North Face products are designed for climbers, skiers, snowboarders, rock climbers and people with an active lifestyle

19 September 2019

Cozy and bright hoodies firmly settled in the wardrobes of the most stylish girls. They combine them with pleated skirts and even evening dresses.

16 September 2019
11 September 2019

The face of the autumn campaign in Russia was Vera Brezhneva

4 September 2019

The first store of the famous British brand opened in August in MEGA Alma-Ata

2 September 2019

Happy owner of the cool electric scooter has become Botagoz Kokaeva!

2 September 2019

On this day, a large-scale festive program was organized for the guests

26 August 2019
26 August 2019

Here children can not only have fun but also develop

25 August 2019

The study has never been so bright!

25 August 2019

They will help to brighten up a tough school routine

15 August 2019

Where to find unusual places for cool photos?

14 August 2019
12 August 2019

Selection of cosmetics of Organic Beauty boutique for those who follow the beauty and health of the body skin. Let's sort out the compositions and certificates

11 August 2019

Important characteristics that give away a fashionable watch this season

11 August 2019

Bright shirts with ironic prints — an unmistakable trend of this summer

4 August 2019

Dr. Jart+ was created in 2004 and became the first brand that brought BB-creams to the market