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8 February 2019

5 foundations to save your skin from the sun

7 February 2019

How often do you wear national jewelry, every day or just on special occasions?

24 January 2019

On sale from January, 24 at MEGA Alma-Ata shopping mall

23 January 2019

4 best table-top games for different companies and ages

16 January 2019

Useful information for everyone who comes to MEGA with children

15 January 2019

Educate, entertain, not interfere — these are the three whales on which MEGA Arena stands

14 January 2019

The MEGA team does its best to make the MEGA shopping mall better, more comfortable and compliant with all modern requirements

11 January 2019

Kitchen implements: practical and beautiful

10 January 2019

Have a hot plate!

10 January 2019

This is a brand new Ramstore, which has everything you need — from delicious food to household goods.

9 January 2019

For those who promised to change everything and start to practice sport in the New Year

27 December 2018

New Year's photo session from a professional photograph @zarinzoman

27 December 2018

Photo shoot with Father Frost and Snow Maiden 2018

14 December 2018

The site editors prepared a selection of 11 charming New Year's toys from Marwin store, which will decorate your home and create a festive mood

13 December 2018

Stylish collection of the Bronx and Banco brand at the O'blanc store

13 December 2018

New Year's collection of the English brand Next

13 December 2018

Let's choose a dress to celebrate the New Year

10 December 2018

NewTon kids' New Year collection

3 December 2018

New Year mood with MEGA!