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11 December 2019

On November 25 Internet portal Vlast. kz conducted an open interview in Hard talk format with the President of Astana Group company

10 December 2019

Super-stylish ideas for the holiday!

10 December 2019

In order to play this game with your team you only need a pen, paper and have a good mood

9 December 2019

This is the second store of the brand in Kazakhstan

9 December 2019

How was the workshop from the founder of the restaurant, gastronomic expert Svetlana Mahat

9 December 2019
5 December 2019

The grand opening of the updated store was held on November 30

4 December 2019

4 must-have bags of the autumn-winter 2019/20 season for any dress code and any occasion

28 November 2019

There you can buy game jerseys, caps, hats, scarves and accessories with the symbols of the team

28 November 2019

It has the largest screen in Central Asia — 13.5 by 25 meters

27 November 2019

The new store features almost 3,000 products from 32 leading global manufacturers

27 November 2019

It was a pensioner of Nur the Sultan of Vladimir An

27 November 2019

The collection of the brand Women'secret, dedicated to the saga of Harry Potter, includes pajamas, nightgowns, slippers, cosmetic bags and accessories

26 November 2019

We visited the writer's meeting with readers and recorded some of his interesting quotes

25 November 2019

We are used to seeing these people in strict uniforms and in order to get to know them better, we offered them to participate in a small experiment

20 November 2019

With good wine and original cuisine

19 November 2019

The store has a system of club cards for professionals and a loyalty program for retail customers

18 November 2019

The editors of the mega. kz visited the construction site and they think that it will appear here soon

18 November 2019

Clothes with fan-favorite characters for mom and daughter

12 November 2019