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25 November 2019

We are used to seeing these people in strict uniforms and in order to get to know them better, we offered them to participate in a small experiment

20 November 2019

With good wine and original cuisine

19 November 2019

The store has a system of club cards for professionals and a loyalty program for retail customers

18 November 2019

The editors of the mega. kz visited the construction site and they think that it will appear here soon

18 November 2019

Clothes with fan-favorite characters for mom and daughter

12 November 2019
11 November 2019

GANT is a brand of clothing for men and women, invariably marrying American disengagement and European elegance

8 November 2019

The administration of the shopping center launched an eco-initiative for separate collection of waste

7 November 2019

Maleficent, Harley Quinn and Pennywise are the most popular characters of this year

6 November 2019

The early snow is a good reason to pause to think about preparing for the New Year

6 November 2019

A new sportswear, footwear and accessories store has opened in the shopping center

29 October 2019
28 October 2019

Here you can get advice on buying a Hyundai car or apply for a loan

27 October 2019

A significant date was marked by a fashion show of the «Spring-summer 2020» collection and the presentation of a new line of sportswear for the whole family «Family Sport»

27 October 2019

Chunky Pushin kitty was born almost 10 years ago and immediately conquered the world

24 October 2019

New interesting movies that are worth watching at Chaplin Cinemas

23 October 2019

In search of ideas on what to wear this fall, the editors of the mega. kz visited the boutiques of MEGA Alma-Ata Mall and collected a selection of the most current models for you

22 October 2019

We make a shopping list of the most current models