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The XIV international film festival «Eurasia» was held in Astana in the middle of summer. One of the competition platforms of the film festival was Chaplin Cinemas cinema at the MEGA Silk Way SM.

Our author Takhmina Kibirova visited several competitive shows and talked with the guests of the world cinema forum.
Traditionally, famous filmmakers, actors, stars of the world cinema, popular cultural figures, experts and critics from Europe, Asia, America and Africa came to the International Film Festival in Astana.

Большой экран
Perhaps, Vincent Cassel created a sensation this time. However, one of the most recognizable French actors, the owner of the «Cesar» award, visited Astana not for the first time. He visited the capital of Kazakhstan before, and every meeting between Cassel and his fans is a sea of smiles, admiration, passionate speeches, questions about art, life, love, requests for an autograph and a joint commemorative photo.
After watching the movie «My King» in which Vincent Cassel performed the role of «a charming scoundrel», one of the participants of a creative meeting asked the actor how much he is like his hero?
«In any of my roles, I'm like my hero, the actors consist of what they play. But to tell the truth I never robbed a bank. But I value that this hero is looking for freedom, — replied Vincent Cassel.
Among the distinguished guests at the festival there were Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica, Russian actress Ravshana Kurkova, Russian directors of theater and cinema Sergei Puskepalis and Anna Melikyan, as well as a new star who recently ascended the horizon of the big cinema, Samal Yeslyamova, the best actress for «Ayka» at the 71st Cannes Film Festival.
Before watching one of the competitive movies, Samal answered several questions from MEGAzine magazine.
— Samal, what role do you think a woman plays in art at all times?
— I think that love has the main role in art. It can be love between a man and a woman or love for the world around. If we talk about a man and a woman — I can not say that someone dominates, this is a balance, when two can not exist without each other. They must necessarily be together so that life goes on.
— So, these two create a family. And what does a family mean to you?
— A family is a base line for any human. To create art, you need to have your feet on the ground, and this requires a family: parents, sisters, brothers and subsequently a family that you create yourself. I'm from an ordinary family, there are two sisters. Our parents wanted to have more children, and we always dreamed of a brother. We have family traditions, and when we have free time, we necessarily spend it together. Now I live in Moscow, and my relatives live in Petropavlovsk. But today my parents are in Astana, and we have the opportunity to spend at least one evening together.
— Many look forward to the premiere of film «Ayka» with great interest. When will it come out on big screens?
— The premiere is in September 2018.
— As the winner of a prestigious award, on a wave of success, please, wish the readers of MEGAzine something for good luck.
— I wish everyone happiness. Let all people who are dear to you always be by your side, alive and healthy. Let there be many children, dads and moms, who walk around the shopping mall and choose their own beautiful clothes. But the most beautiful clothes are happiness; let all of us be clothed in the basic — in happiness.

Большой экран

фото: Серикжан Ковланбаев