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Alma Museum: new public space in Almaty hotel

Alma Museum is an initiative of a group of caring Almaty residents who seek to restore the image of Almaty as a flourishing garden city, to preserve the urban apple cult and its associated cultural associations.

The foundation of the museum is a scientific fact — a wild apple of Zailiyskiy Alatau, Asian wild apple (Málus sievérsii), is the main ancestor of modern apple varieties. From here, the apple hit the road and spread throughout the world, and this is not a legend, but a fact confirmed by research of the world scientists. The project was sponsored by Kazakhstan businessmen Nurlan Smagulov and Margulan Seisembayev.

Alma Museum: новое общественное пространство в гостинице Almaty

— We have been looking for a place for the museum for a long time, and Nurlan Smagulov offered us a place in the Almaty hotel. The space is rather small, but it is an ideal start for the museum: The very center of Almaty literally and figuratively. The city center and the hotel center, the heart, the core. This is the most Almaty history, which is possible, — says one of the founders of the Alma Museum Zhanna Spooner.
The museum was opened with the exhibition «City of Apple Dreams». It immerses the audience in the atmosphere of old Almaty through archival photos and memories of citizens associated with apples. These stories can be seen, read and heard: The exhibition includes texts, photo-, video- and audio materials. Besides, each visitor can record and leave their own «apple stories» for the archive of the museum. Alma Museum is a public space that is in continuous dialogue with the city and its citizens, its creators, Azhar Dzhandossova and Zhanna Spooner, are open to suggestions, ideas and projects.

Alma Museum: новое общественное пространство в гостинице Almaty

One of the important tasks of the Alma Museum is to become the keeper of public memory. The permanent exhibition of the museum will tell the story of the apple city using modern presentation technologies, including dynamic subject expositions, video, audio and interactive media, graphics and oral interpretation. The main themes of the exhibition will be the Málus sievérsi as the progenitor of modern apple varieties, world legends, folklore and traditions associated with apples, the history of the city and gardens, people and events.

The exhibition «City of Apple Dreams» will be open until January 20, 2019.

The museum is located on the 1st floor of Almaty Hotel, 85 Kabanbay Batyr St.

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