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How to get a discount on rent in MEGA?

MEGA Plus is a program that provides a wide range of opportunities and prizes not only to visitors of the MEGA shopping mall network, but also to our tenants. MEGA has been hosting the «best MEGA Plus partner» competition for several months now. Each month, winners in two categories are chosen amongst the loyalty program partners. «For the largest number of transactions performed through the use of the app» and «For the largest amount of checks». Each of the winners receives a 15% discount on one monthly rent.
At month-end of January, the Korean House restaurant won the «For the largest number of transactions» category. The restaurant won in this category for the third time and got a nice bonus yet again in the form of a 15 percent rent discount certificate.

Как получить скидку на аренду в MEGA?

BERNARDINI men's clothing store was one of the first to join the loyalty program. In January, the store won in the category among partners «For the largest amount of checks». The store also gets a 15% rent discount for February.

Как получить скидку на аренду в MEGA?

Congratulations to the winners!
The «best MEGA Plus partner» contest continues!
MEGA will pick the winners in two categories every month from February 1 to June 30:
«For the largest number of transactions performed through the use of the app»
«For the largest amount of checks».
Winners in each category will receive a 10% rent discount for the next month. The results of the campaign during the first half of the year will be summed up in June: the tenant who has won the competition the most times will be awarded the title of «The most loyal partner» and given a 15% rent rent discount for 1 month.
You too can become a MEGA Plus partner, participate and win!