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MEGA and Emergency Departments of Almaty and Astana signed the memorandums on unscheduled inspections

Head of Astana Group, Nurlan Smagulov, urged the owners of other shopping and Entertainment centers of the country to join this initiative.
The signing of the memorandum on unscheduled inspections of three shopping and entertainment centers that are part of the MEGA chain was initiated personally by the head of the company Nurlan Smagulov.
— We believe that it is not enough to check the Shopping and Entertainment Centers once a year, and we signed, under our own initiative, a memorandum with the Emergency Department of Almaty and the Emergency Department Astana about unscheduled inspections of our Shopping and Entertainment Centers, to let them come and check when they need it. And I urge other owners of the shopping centers in Almaty, Astana and the regional centers to join this memorandum, so that the public can trust our Shopping and Entertainment Centers, so that the Emergency Departments can always come and check, despite all legislative restrictions, — said Nurlan Smagulov.