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Nurlan Smagulov: «My mission is to introduce you with the art of Kazakhstan»

An exhibition of works by Kazakh artists from the personal collection of the president of the Astana Group company opened in Astana

Нурлан Смагулов: «Моя миссия — знакомить с искусством Казахстана»

In the metropolitan gallery ForteBank Kulanshi ArtSpace opened the exhibition «Life in Art». It presents works by Kazakh artists from the personal collection of the president of the Astana Group, Nurlan Smagulov.
In total, the exhibition presents 60 works, five of which are sculptures. Each work is unique, and together they create a multi-faceted and at the same time integral way of our life.

— All the works that are here are from our family collection. I am very proud that people have so much attention and interest towards it. I believe that my mission is to introduce with the art of Kazakhstan. Of course, the best works of Kazakhstan artists are in our museums, as it should be. But what is collected in a private collection, also causes great resonance and interest among the public. There are a lot of my favorite works here, among them Aitbayev, Shardenov, Valery Leontiev. Today, of course, not all works are exhibited, but this is one of the best parts of our collection, says Nurlan Smagulov.

Нурлан Смагулов: «Моя миссия — знакомить с искусством Казахстана»

The history of the appearance of these works of art in the collection is different. Some were donated to the businessman by the artists themselves, some were bought at auctions, such as the work of Salikhitdin Aitbaev — it was acquired in London, at Christie's auction. At the opening of the exhibition, the entrepreneur said that his collection has been «travels” since 2010. It was exhibited in London, three years ago was presented at the National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana. Soon, in agreement with the ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia Imangali Tasmagambetov, this exhibition will go to the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Moscow and will be presented there during the celebration of Independence Day of our country.
The exhibition «Life in Art» will be valid until November 21. The exhibition is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00. Free admission