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Nurlan Smagulov: «There are only the strongest ones left and they give you a huge choice»

On November 25 Internet portal Vlast. kz conducted an open interview in Hard talk format with the President of Astana Group company — Nurlan Smagulov
The interview was broadcast live, it was attended by journalists and editors of the leading socio-political publications of the country. We have selected some of the most significant quotes from this conversation for mega. kz readers.

Нурлан Смагулов: «Остаются сильнейшие, которые дают колоссальный выбор»

We see a lot of challenges facing shopping malls not only in Kazakhstan, but around the world as well. So we need to change: as of today, we reduce our sales premises and rent them for entertainment and food places. up to 40% of our space is currently occupied by entertainment, food, training places, various platforms where people come and communicate with each other. We see how our consumer is changing. It is impossible to surprise people with commodities, novelties, international brands. He comes here for the atmosphere.

Despite the fact that we are reducing the sales premises, department store we have increased to such a size that people can purchase whatever they want. «Technodom» launched a store on the second floor and doubled its area. «Sportmaster» also doubled its area so now it is occupying two floors, which are connected by escalators. H&M is also located on two floors. On the one hand, we are reducing the retail that can not survive in the realities of today. «There are only the strongest ones left and they give you a huge choice».

Once I could not imagine that we will accommodate almost 50 restaurants in one area. Today I see that even my generation, invites guests to their home less and less frequently. Not to mention our children. Everything changes, the speed increases, people want to communicate, be in public places, test and taste the food that is prepared on a very competitive market. Moreover, it is already estimated that eating in a cafe is cheaper than buying food in a supermarket and cooking it at home spending a lot of time. Our time cost money as well, the road and logistics are taken into account too. People are managing their time more efficiently, increase their comforts of life, and we provide catering services starting the smallest check and up to premium restaurants for every taste.