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Go to MEGA Alma-Ata for new impressions!

The director of the MEGA Alma-Ata shopping mall Yerlan Nurmagambetov shared his thoughts about 2019 for the shopping mall.

В MEGA Alma-Ata за новыми впечатлениями!

MEGA Alma-Ata is the first shopping mall of the MEGA network. It was built in 2006, in 2013 the second stage began, and today we are actively working on its reconstruction and expansion.

The market of shopping malls is at the stage of qualitative evolution, shopping malls are shifting from simple formats to multi-functional ones, becoming communication centers, and this stage is accompanied by the emergence of new platforms. All this stimulates visitors to spend as much time in shopping malls as possible with pleasure.

Following this global trend, we started a project to expand MEGA Alma-Ata.

Thanks to this project, the area of the shopping mall will be increased by 11 thousand sq. meters and will be 175 thousand sq. meters. After completion of construction the largest multiplex cinema in Kazakhstan will be opened in MEGA Alma-Ata. Its area will be 8.6 thousand sq. meters, there be 15 halls and more than 2 thousand seats for spectators there. This is a cinema not-yet-in-existence in Kazakhstan. There will be business areas, children's rooms with ottomans and sofas instead of chairs and a movie and concert hall with 380 seats. The screen size in this hall is 25×13.5 meters. Almaty hasn't seen a movie on such a big screen yet!

In 2019 we begin the reconstruction of the food court: according to the project, the food court area will be doubled, after transformation of this part of the shopping mall a food hall will appear.

A key feature of the food hall is that all dishes are prepared in front of the visitors immediately after receiving the order. This is a new format for Kazakhstan which MEGA wants to show to its visitors. After reconstruction, the commercial area of the shopping mall will also be increased, which means that in the near future, new brands will appear at MEGA Alma-Ata. Some of these brands will be presented on the Kazakhstan market for the first time.

Following its philosophy, the MEGA team is constantly developing and transforming the shopping malls, changing adjacent areas, familiar leisure formats, and vision of comfortable shopping. Indeed, the reconstruction is accompanied by certain inconveniences; we strive to minimize them and bring our apologies to our visitors.

The MEGA team does its best to make the MEGA Alma-Ata shopping mall better, more comfortable, compliant with all modern requirements and provide the visitors with an opportunity to get new impressions.