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Business Park and Botanic garden: how «MEGA"s will be changing

The President of Astana Motors KMC, Nurlan Smagulov shared his thoughts on the results of 2019 at a press conference on Tuesday, January 14, in Almaty

Бизнес-парк и ботанический сад: как изменятся «Меги» в ближайшие годы

During the report on the most successful year in the history of «Astana Group», head of organization Nurlan Smagulov highlighted the changes in MEGA shopping malls, which cost the group of companies 8 billion tenge in the last year alone.
First and foremost Smagulov mentioned the launch of a new cinema in MEGA Alma-Ata: it has 15 cinema halls, including a movie and concert hall with the largest screen in CIS and a separate hall for children. The expansion of the food court also required investment: the new area for food hall now features 46 restaurants as well as gastro-enthusiast restaurants located on the intermediate floor in the format of «Depo Moscow» food mall. — Additionally we have changed the flooring materials this year and updated all of the utility systems, including air conditioners, fire extinguishing equipment as well as structural health monitoring sensors.
The speaker also noted that the proportion of entertainment, food service and educational services in «MEGA"s is approaching the half mark: 40.5% in MEGA Silk Way, 42% MEGA Alma-Ata and 38% in Mega Park. At the same time, the skating rink in MEGA Alma-Ata is scheduled to open on January 15, and the Kango Trampoline Park at the end of January, according to Smagulov.
— 36 million people visit us per year — It's twice the population of Kazakhstan: more than 1.1 million people visit the MEGA Alma-Ata per month, 1.1 million in MEGA Silk Way and 825 thousand visit MEGA Park. The total area is more than 426 thousand square meters and there is room for expansion — said Smagulov, adding that the company is considering expanding MEGA Park and MEGA Silk Way.
According to the President of the company, MEGA Park will expand the MEGA towards North, and it will not be a shopping area, but a new Business Park. «Astana Motors» firstly built their new-style office in MEGA Alma-Ata with the help of Korean architects, now they are building a similar office for MEGA Park management with future plans to build something similar for other companies as well. It will also provide for places for recreation, sport activities, educational trainings, etc in addition to the open working space.
— The place with additional areas where we plan to build 10−15 thousand «squares» of these new-style offices is MEGA Park, — he added.
Despite the fact that MEGA Silk Way occupies colossal 140 thousand square meters it is also 100% occupied already.
— We don't have enough shopping and entertainment venues but we do have a lot of ideas, for example, to build a food hall akin to the on in Almaty, to build a Botanic Garden right inside the shopping mall, — Smagulov shared. — We think to expand the mall towards EXPO. We have ambitious ideas and we know how to implement them.