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How changes in Almaty affect the leisure of citizens

In recent years, the city has undergone a lot of changes — there are pedestrian streets, bike paths and Workout grounds. Following the city, the leisure of Almaty residents is also changing. Walking, outdoor sports, rest on the park are became popular. One of these playground is MEGA Park, which turns 4 on August 31.

Как изменения в Алматы влияют на досуг горожан

For four years of existence of the Shopping Mall MEGA Park has become a center of attraction for the townspeople. Almaty citizens come here to make purchases and spend leisure time in the family circle. A variety of children's and sports grounds located in front of the Shopping Mall are popular. After a working day, parents bring their kids to run and play, and teenagers are doing sports here. It is always crowded here as in all the Shopping Malls.

«We come here very often, although we ourselves live in another area," one of the visitors of the MEGA Park Shopping Mall Gyulyara Aliyeva confesses to us. «There are no good playgrounds near our house, so almost every night I bring my son to MEGA Park.»

Как изменения в Алматы влияют на досуг горожан

While we are talking with Gyulyara, her 6-year-old Rashid is jumping with other children on a trampoline. Very soon the kid will go to the first class, but Gyulyara is sure that after school he will again persuade his to go to her favorite playground.

«I really like MEGA Park — while my son is playing with other children under the supervision of my husband, I can buy food, clothes for my baby and husband, take care of myself, pay utility bills at the bank and send a parcel to Kazpost's office. It is very convenient — it is possible to solve many questions in one place, «said Gyulyara Aliyeva.

Nazym Nurpeisova another regular visitor of MEGA Park comes to the Shopping Mall with her daughters — 8 years and 10 months.

Как изменения в Алматы влияют на досуг горожан

«My oldest daughter is a gymnast and constantly tries to teach other girls to gymnastic elements on the playground," says Nazym smiling. «While the oldest daughter teaches «, my youngest daughter and I attend entertaining events organized by the administration of the Shopping Mall.»

The sports park is popular not only among toddlers, teenagers like to spend time here. 17-year-old Ramazan Torekhanov has been playing sports for two years. The young fellow studied the videos on this topic and he developed the program for himself — one day, for example, is fully dedicated to push-ups, on the other day — pull-up on the horizontal bars.

Как изменения в Алматы влияют на досуг горожан

«Sport is a way of life for me. I feel more confident when I training. Three times a week I come to this sports ground, train for half an hour, by the hour. Unfortunately, there is not enough money for the gym, and the playground in the yard of the house where I live leaves much to be desired — the horizontal bars are loose, old and rusty. There are very good equipment here, good quality bars, for which I am grateful to the Shopping Mall, «says Ramazan, who lives near MEGA Park.

Как изменения в Алматы влияют на досуг горожан

But, perhaps, the guys who perform different tricks on bicycles, on skateboards look the happiest. 17-year-old Svyatoslav Aksenov says that BMX-frames are not easy — I want to practice, perform something unusual on the bike, because the direction is acrobatic elements. But not always and not everywhere there is an opportunity to train — firstly, the city simply is not adapted for such extreme, and secondly, the surrounding people are not always perceived with understanding.

Как изменения в Алматы влияют на досуг горожан

«Previously, we just skated in the street, tried to perform some tricks on the steps of buildings, but we are chased by guards or grandmothers everywhere. We were very happy when in 2016 before MEGA Park appeared skeytodrom where we can train and share the secrets of the performance of this or that trick.

I, for example, have been doing for 6 years, I know how to do different tricks. One of the most difficult — 360, when you need to jump with the bicycle and turn the frame 360 degrees. Periodically, competitions are held in which my friends and I participate, but we still training more for ourselves," says the young fellow.

The guys share their experiences with each other, pay attention to errors, advise something to improve, and something — to change. The fall here, as if it meant nothing — rose and it's time to hone skills again.

Как изменения в Алматы влияют на досуг горожан

Regular visitors of the Shopping Mall will have one more reason to come to their favorite playground — the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the Shopping Mall on August 31. On this day, MEGA Park turned into a chocolate factory Willy Wonka. A lot of sweet gifts, thematic interactive and a bright photozone are waiting for visitors. The active program will begin with the festive procession of Willy Wonka, Charlie, umpa-lump and other favorite heroes of the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Young visitors will be able to take part in master classes to make cheerful crackers and candies with a surprise, compete for the title «Sweet-tooth of the Year» and show themselves in the contest of «sweet» suits (you can register on the parkmega. kz site). And a motorcycle will be given as a present, a Battle of Shopaholics will be held and a MEGA-transformation will be arranged. The final of this grand celebration will be a fashion show in the style of Vogue, a show from the gym hall PRO Trainer and an incredible laser show Jackson Transformation.

For reference: The shopping Mall MEGA Park met its first guests in August 2014. The convenient location of the Shipping Mall on Seyfullin Avenue — one of the main transport arteries of the metropolis — provides easy access for both motorists and pedestrians. The concept of Shopping Mall MEGA Park is designed by the international French architectural company MB Architects. MEGA Park got its name due to the landscaping of the territory, about 700 trees and shrubs were planted here.
The Sports Park was opened in the territory of the ground parking of the Shipping Mall MEGA Park in 2016. Its task is the revival of sports traditions among children and young people, the upbringing of the growing generation of habits for a healthy lifestyle. About 5,000 people rest and play sports here every day.