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What is the situation with the fire safety in Mega?

Certificates of annual inspections by the Emergency Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan confirm fire safety of MEGA Alma-Ata, MEGA Park (Almaty) and MEGA Silk Way (Astana). This was announced today at a briefing with participation of Nurlan Smagulov, president of ASTANA GROUP.
According to the representatives, Mega Center Management, MEGA shopping and entertainment centers are built of non-combustible materials and possess Level II of fireproofing of five possible levels (the highest degree of fireproofing — the first — for reinforced concrete structures without cladding, the lowest — the fifth — for wooden structures without special treatment).
The buildings of all MEGA Shopping and Entertainment Centers are designed and constructed in accordance with the building codes and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as technical regulation No. 439 «General requirements for fire safety».
At the same time, the president of ASTANA GROUP, Nurlan Smagulov, made a proposal to sign a memorandum on extra unscheduled inspections of the Shopping and Entertainment Centers with the Emergency Department of Almaty and the Emergency Department of Astana.
«The Emergency Department has now a restriction for implementation of the inspection- it is conducted once a year, and we voluntarily, under our own initiative, would like to sign a memorandum for all unscheduled inspections, let them come and check when they need it. And I urge owners of the shopping centers in Almaty, Astana and the regional centers to join this memorandum so that the population can trust our Shopping and Entertainment Centers,"— said Nurlan Smagulov.
He also added that the management of MEGA chain of the Shopping and Entertainment Centers is currently developing a program to train children how to behave during the emergencies, in particular how to evacuate from entertainment parks and cinemas.
«Management of MEGA chain of the Shopping and Entertainment Centers sets a high standard for the internal fire safety rules and constantly improves technical equipment. Every day we inspect the shopping center, every boutique, develop proposals for the tenants, how to improve the fire safety. Every month we conduct the routine training throughout the chain, every night we check the operation of all fire extinguishing systems, they are 100% working. Our main goal is to prevent a fire," said Murat Maylebaev, head of the fire prevention, safety and health regulations service of the Shopping and Entertainment Centers chain.

Как обстоят дела с пожарной безопасностью в «Меге»?

The fire service includes two main types of actions: fire prevention and firefighting. The complex of fire protection measures throughout the chain includes: automatic fire alarm system, which will immediately detect the appearance of smoke and fire; automatic warning and evacuation control system; automatic fire extinguishing system eliminating fire; a smoke removal system that removes the combustion products (the «influx» system delivers additional air pressure to the closed stairwells so that smoke does not penetrate there, and during the evacuation people could breathe).
Recall that MEGA — the only chain of the Shopping and Entertainment Centers in Kazakhstan with its own fire department and fire trucks. In the chain of the Shopping and Entertainment Centers there are 70 firefighting employees, who are serving in four shifts. During the planned fire and tactical training, which were held today in MEGA Alma-Ata, the firefighters registered a conditional fire in the cinema area.

Как обстоят дела с пожарной безопасностью в «Меге»?

The fire alarm system, alarm system and evacuation control were activated. Employees of the Shopping and Entertainment Center’s administration, security guards and tenants who had been trained, helped the visitors to leave the building of the Shopping and Entertainment Center through 46 evacuation exits. At the same time, the fire subdivision was occupied with liquidation of the conditional fire.
For extinguishing on the territory near the Shopping and Entertainment Center there are special reservoirs and fire hydrants. The volume of the MEGA Alma-Ata reservoir, for example, is 1,800 m3. The water level is checked daily. In the buildings of all MEGA Shopping and Entertainment Centers there are fire-fighting cranes equipped with the fire hoses, trunks and fire extinguishers. In addition, there are fire extinguishers in every boutique of the Shopping and Entertainment Center.
As the firefighters explained, in the event of a real emergency, regardless of the fire area, over 20 fire engines of the city service, including four ladders will arrive at the call.
One of the main issues in emergency situation is evacuation. According to the employees of Mega Center Management, each MEGA Shopping and Entertainment Center has the main evacuation as well as the emergency exits, which can be recognized by directing signs and «Exit» and «Emergency exit» lights. The evacuation takes about 8−10 minutes.
Fire stairs are provided for evacuation from the upper floors, the number of which meets the requirements of the fire safety standards. In MEGA Alma-Ata — 46, in MEGA Park — 11, in MEGA Silk Way Shopping and Entertainment Centers- 20 evacuation exits, including in the remote parts of the building. Evacuation goes through the doors with the «antipanic» system. In the event of an emergency, all doors are opening automatically.
The personnel of the Shopping and Entertainment Center and the tenants of the Shopping and Entertainment Center are receiving the mandatory introductory instructions on how to evacuate the visitors and act during the emergency situations.
In August, 2018, it is planned to audit the fire departments of the chain of Shopping and Entertainment Centers with a fire and technical commission.
Source: nur. kz