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How much Nurlan Smagulov invested in the construction of a new cinema in MEGA Alma-Ata

On Friday, April 12, in MEGA Alma-Ata, a presentation of the new cinema Chaplin Cinemas took place, which will open its doors to residents and guests of the city on April 27.
The new multiplex will be located on an area of 8.5 thousand square meters and will accommodate more than 2 thousand viewers, which makes it the largest cinema in Kazakhstan. There will operate 15 cinema halls in the flagship of the network Chaplin Cinemas, seven of which provide balconies with places of extra comfort. Also in the multiplex there will be a cinema and concert hall of 600 square meters for 346 seats, with a screen of 25 * 13.5 m and a stage for performances.

Сколько Нурлан Смагулов инвестировал в строительство нового кинотеатра в MEGA Alma-Ata

For the youngest visitors Chaplin Cinemas and MEGA Alma-Ata have prepared a special gift: the cinema will have a children's room with ottomans, sofas and a slide, as well as a play area and facilities for children's parties. For those who do not like to come to the session with empty hands, a large self-service zone is presented in the cinema, in which visitors can buy popcorn, various snacks and drinks before the show.

The President of Astana Group (which includes the MEGA shopping malls) Nurlan Smagulov in an exclusive comment for told how much was invested in the construction of the cinema.
— We have invested about 5 billion tenge in this project. These investments allowed us to implement a very ambitious project and now the largest cinema in Kazakhstan will be located in the MEGA shopping mall, and thanks to Chaplin Cinemas it will be the most innovative, which will allow showing films in the highest quality and with excellent sound, — Nurlan Smagulov emphasized.

Сколько Нурлан Смагулов инвестировал в строительство нового кинотеатра в MEGA Alma-Ata

As Seitzhan Yesmagambetov, general director of the MEGA shopping malls network, noted, the opening of the updated cinema in MEGA Alma-Ata is a long-awaited event for all Almaty residents.
— A year ago we started the project for the reconstruction and expansion of MEGA Alma-Ata. The total area of expansion amounted to 11 thousand square meters. In fact, we built an additional building. The first 5 halls will be opened on April 27. The new cinema has spacious halls on two floors and a large, bright lobby. We rescheduled the location of existing cinema halls to make the space more comfortable for visitors. Now the Chaplin Cinemas network is represented in all our shopping malls in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, — said Seitzhan Yesmagambetov.
The head of the shopping malls network also told why the company chose Chaplin Cinemas as the operator.

— We are pleased with the cooperation with Chaplin Cinemas, because they are always creative and try to apply the world experience of cinemas in the market of Kazakhstan. We wanted Chaplin Cinemas in MEGA Alma-Ata to become the most modern and innovative. Because a cinema in a shopping mall is always an anchor tenant, and the role of an anchor tenant is attracting visitors and creating traffic at the expense of competitive advantages, — he explained.

Bakytzhan Mussatayev, general director of the cinema network of Chaplin Cinemas, noted that this cinema is the most ambitious and capital-intensive project in the company's history.
— We have implemented many new solutions in this cinema. We want to thank our partners — the MEGA shopping malls network for understanding and supporting the concept we conceived, — said Bakytzhan Mussatayev.

Сколько Нурлан Смагулов инвестировал в строительство нового кинотеатра в MEGA Alma-Ata

Ayan Nurlan, financial director of the Chaplin Cinemas network, spoke about the amount of investment from the operator.
— The expansion which MEGA Alma-Ata has built for the cinema was conceived during the construction of the first stage of the shopping mall. MEGA Management is always looking for many years to come and this is one of the reasons why it is interesting to work with them. When developing a concept MEGA Management always goes to meet the tenant. And therefore we managed to embody this ambitious project. Investments from our company amounted to about 4 billion tenge, in the implementation of the project we used both our own funds and credit. 70% of investments were directed to technical equipment and materials that we brought from abroad, — said the financial director of Chaplin Cinemas.

The interior and technology of the new cinema was designed by the German architectural workshop Atelier Achatz Architekten. According to Ayan Nurlan, this is the fourth cinema of Chaplin Cinemas, which is being developed by the workshop.

Сколько Нурлан Смагулов инвестировал в строительство нового кинотеатра в MEGA Alma-Ata

— The main task in developing the design of the new cinema was to create an open and comfortable atmosphere so that visitors could enjoy their free time here. And I am very happy for Almaty residents and guests of the city, because they now have such a wonderful cinema. The idea of self-service is implemented in this cinema; it will also attract new visitors, because it is a very interesting concept. We always use unique materials for our projects, — said Walter Ahatz, head of Atelier Achatz Architekten.

Source: Forbes. kz