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О тендерах

Dear partners,

JSC «Mega Center Management» announces tenders for the following lots:

1. Designing the automated monitoring system of the «MEGA Alma-Ata» Mall;
2. Delivery, installation and adjustment of the automated monitoring system for «MEGA Alma-Ata» Mall;
3. SSS design and installation for CCTV camera connection in elevators and unloading areas of the «MEGA Silk Way» Mall;
4. SSS design for connection of additional CCTV cameras on the route to emergency exits in the «MEGA Silk Way» Mall;
5.Design, installation and commissioning of CCTV equipment in the «MEGA Silk Way» Mall;
6. Maintenance of electric power equipment «MEGA -1», «MEGA -2» Malls;
7. Entrance space construction from the Western and Eastern sides of the «MEGA -1», «MEGA -2» Malls;
8. Delivery, construction and installation work on ceiling closers in the cinema «Chaplin» in the «MEGA Silk Way» Mall;
9. Replacement of defective front glazing and skylights of the «MEGA Silk Way» Mall;
10. Air ducts cleaning and disinfection of the «MEGA Silk Way» Mall;
11. Energy audit in the shopping center «MEGA Silk Way» Mall;
12. Delivery of relays, control panels and thermostats for the air heat curtain control in the «MEGA Silk Way» Mall for the winter time, installation and commissioning;
13. Dismantling of utilities, partitions, ceiling and flooring including cement-sand screed indoors in the «MEGA Silk Way» Mall;
14. Premise wiring (boutique) in the «MEGA Silk Way» Mall (cable VVGhGLS 5*70mm2−150m on existing trays);
15. Replacement of the defective front glazing and rooflights, «MEGA Silk Way» Mall;
16. Replacement of porcelain tiles in the trading floor of the «MEGA Alma-Ata» Mall (MEGA-1);
17. New year internal and external design of the «MEGA Alma-Ata» Mall (Almaty), «MEGA Park «Mall (Almaty), «MEGA Silk Way» Mall (Astana).

To apply for participation in the tender and receive technical specifications, please contact us by email: (you shall include information about your company, as well as purchase into application by e-mail) and by phone +7 727 244 76 38 (EXT. 1042), +7 701 872 9446 Thank you for your interest!