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ARTiSHOCK has announced the date of opening of the Big Stage

The spectators are invited to a new venue on 18th October. By that time the theatre is planning to finish all construction work, as well as the installation of sound and lighting equipment. The big stage will be opened by the #ПРЯМОПОТОЛЕБИ play. This is the author’s production of ARTiSHOCK about Almaty — one of the bestsellers.

ARTиШОК объявил дату открытия Большой сцены

We would like to remind you, that on 27th April the theatre team has announced their decision about the construction of the Big stage in the old place of Da freak club in Panfilovs park on Gogol, 40. The basic budget of the project was announced as 21 million tenge. However, due to additional expenses, the maintenance cost increased.

The spectators were a huge support to the theatre. ARTiSHOCK raised 4.2 million tenge on crowdfunding platform. The project was possible by private contributions of 176 people and CINEMAX company which put 2 million tenge into crowdfunding. 1 million tenge was collected by the special box in the theatre on a PREVIEW Big stage project and by the private funds from the spectators. 5 million tenge was earned by the theatre and they all been used for pre-construction works. MEGA Management Company contributed by consulting in construction.

ARTиШОК объявил дату открытия Большой сцены

Anastassiya Tarassova, General Manager of ARTiSHOCK theatre: «It's too early to sum up the final results yet, but I can say that we are doing a very contagious project, I would say — incredible, when Artists, Society and Business for the first time united so closely in the art world, creating something new and very important for all of us. Now we are going through a wonderful, and at the same time, difficult period of time. The period of growth which theatre never faced before. When you live 16 years in a little «apartment” on a ground zero level, moving to a Big house is an extraordinary situation. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what else you need in a new place. Now all the household — from an ironing board and a printer to a washing machine and coffee machine — need to be doubled. Of course, it means extra expenses, which we haven’t thought about before. Supporting the construction of a Big stage is still open and we will appreciate any help.'

ARTиШОК объявил дату открытия Большой сцены

The 17th theatre season will open earlier on 20th September on a Small stage on Kunayev, 49/68. It’s planned that both stages will be functioning equally. You can find the busy list of productions for September and October on artishock. kz website and on social media.

If you would like to know how the project «THEATRE IS CONSTRUCTING A THEATRE” is going, look for #артишокужебольшой hashtag on social media and on a website of the general informational partner — Vlast. kz internet journal.