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The way to adulthood

In summer 11 teenagers from the youth club had an internship in the divisions of Astana Group company They gained knowledge, experience, met new people and mentors from among the employees of the company, with whom they maintain communication after the internship to this day.

Дорога во взрослую жизнь

This summer Slava turned 18. The date is remarkable in itself, but what is even more remarkable is that it was the first time he celebrated his birthday in a workplace. Slava, along with his friends Andrei and Sveta, who also live in the youth club, had an internship at the «Issyk» restaurant at the Almaty hotel.

On his birthday, his new colleagues, headed by the Director of the hotel, Tashkin Kurun, gathered to congratulate him. Tashkin Bey gave the boy his first professional chef's uniform, with a cap — the whole shooting match. «You can go for GQ cover!» we cheered as Slava posed for a photographer in his new uniform.

Дорога во взрослую жизнь

Slava is studying at a culinary college and loves to cook. He hasn't decided with the specialization yet: «You want to try yourself in everything.»

«When they came here, they thought that it's like in the „Kitchen“ TV series» It was all different in real life, of course. Working in a real kitchen is not easy," said Margarita Dovgan, head of the catering service of the Almaty hotel, sharing her memories of the guys' first working days. In a few months, they received not only new knowledge and experience, but also a salary — the internship was paid.

Дорога во взрослую жизнь

Summer internship in the departments of the company Astana Group took 11 children from the youth club. Some worked as a sales manager at Hyundai, some as mechanic's assistant at Toyota Center Almaty, several people tried themselves at the MEGA shopping mall network — in the administration and at the tenant companies. The place of work was chosen according to the soul and in accordance with the future profession: for example, one of the pupils, Kristina, was engaged in needlework since childhood and in the 7th grade already decided that she would be a designer. She trained in the Adili company, which specialises in the production of Kazakh textiles and accessories and creates its own prints for fabrics.

All children are pupils of Children's village of Almaty SOS. Now they live in the youth club, which was opened a few months ago by the «Astana motors». The initiator of the project is the President of Astana Group Nurlan Smagulov, he is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Children's villages of Kazakhstan Foundation SOS. Employees of the company took an active part in the arrangement of the youth club: they raised funds, bought bed linen, kitchen utensils and other things necessary for children in everyday life. Some went beyond that — took patronage over teenagers and have become their mentors.

«Summer internship organized for teenagers from Children's village of Almaty SOS is an important component of their formation. Children were able to try their hand at the specialties in which they are currently studying. It helped some of them to fall in love even more with their future profession, while others realized that the chosen specialty is not what they would like to devote their future to. Here they learned to be more independent, responsible and conscious. The children had good relations with their mentors, with whom they continue to maintain contact even after the internship», — said the head of the youth care «Children's villages of Kazakhstan SOS», — said Aliya Nurchabayeva.