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Humanitarian aid was delivered to the North Kazakhstan Region

From 24th April to 7th May in MEGA shopping malls held an action of collecting the humanitarian aid for Kazakhstanis who were affected by floods in several regions of the country. Visitors of the shopping malls, also the staff and management of the MEGA Alma Ata, MEGA Park, MEGA Silk Way, MEGA Center Management — in total, around 800 people took part in this action.

Гуманитарную помощь доставили в Северо-Казахстанскую область

Together we collected 130 kg of flour, 190 kg of pasta, 150 kg of various grains, 80 liters of oil, 50 kg of sugar, also tea, coffee, juice, chocolate, sweets, biscuits and other food products. Over the hundreds of boxes of clothes and shoes, 7 boxes of toys, also blankets and plaids, bed sheets, amenities, stationary and many other items were packed. Humanitarian aid was delivered to Petropavlovsk where 380 residential houses, 5000 summer cottages were flooded, many of which were isolated from the outer world by the water.
Thanks to everyone who were very supportive and gave a helping hand!