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Warm. You warm

For the second year, visitors to the MEGA shopping malls in Almaty have been actively supporting the «Warm» project.

This project provides clothes to people from vulnerable social groups and provides jobs for the disabled.
The collected clothes are sorted into three categories. Brand clothes are sent to the «Teplo» charity store - sales revenue is sent to the development and maintenance of the project. Clothes suitable for wearing are distributed on request from families and boarding schools. Nurseries use rags to warm cages for pets. All clothes are washed and disinfected.

If you want to share your warmth, you can do this:
• At the MEGA Alma-Ata SM, near the walkway at the Ramstore supermarket;
• At the MEGA Park SM in the basement at the panoramic elevators.

Тепло. Вы согреваете